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Retirement Income Strategies

Retire with Confidence in Your Financial Future

For individuals approaching retirement, many face two common concerns: running out of money during retirement, and ensuring a consistent income each month. At Bull & Bear Wealth Management, we can help you to develop a clear, structured retirement income strategy that is designed to put both of these fears to rest.

We’ll not only help you to understand how much money you need to retire in the way you desire, but we’ll also help ensure you have regular income throughout your retirement. By helping you to feel financially secure, we can make it easier for you to enjoy your retirement years without compromising your lifestyle or your goals.

Establishing Your Timeline for Retirement

When helping a client plan for retirement, we often hear many of the same questions: “When can I retire?” “How much money do I need to retire?” “Will my money last through retirement?” With structured financial planning and an eye on long-term goals, we can help you establish a clearer timeline for when retirement might be feasible for you.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your retirement goals, take a look at where you are with your finances currently, then figure out how we can get you from where you are to where you want to be. With a structured plan and a clear course of action, reaching your retirement goals might be closer than you think.

Ensuring Consistent Retirement Income

It’s important to keep in mind that retirement is not the finish line that many people view it as. Rather, it’s a shift in your life that also requires a shift in the way you handle your finances. From reducing the level of risk in your investments to managing your monthly income sources, Bull & Bear Wealth Management can help you make that shift into retirement with greater confidence.

We’ll help you to establish multiple income sources so that you can have peace of mind regarding your monthly income, provide guidance on when to draw from retirement accounts and which ones to draw from first, and help you decide the right time to begin taking Social Security income. We can also refer you to an estate attorney we trust if you need assistance with estate planning for what you leave behind when you pass away.

Your retirement years shouldn’t be spent worrying about your income from month to month. Let us help you establish a retirement plan and long-term retirement income strategies so you can enjoy your retirement with total confidence in your financial security.

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