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Wealth Preservation Strategies

Preserve What You’ve Built for the Future

Everyone has a different tolerance for risk when it comes to their finances. But for many individuals, preserving what they’ve already built is a key concern. This is especially true if you’re approaching retirement age and need to have a reliable income that will last through your retirement years.

At Bull & Bear Wealth Management, we put an emphasis on preserving wealth while still helping you to grow your assets. Our carefully developed, customized wealth management strategies help mitigate unnecessary risk while providing consistent long-term growth of your wealth and investments.

Investment Management with a Focus on Capital Preservation

Stocks are often seen as a riskier way to invest, but in reality, they’re a proven way to grow investments in the long term—provided you invest in the right way. We choose to err on the side of caution when it comes to your investments, to maintain that essential focus on capital preservation. We believe that it is far easier to keep what you have and achieve steady growth than to try to make up for money lost on a big risk. 

We realize that this conservative investment approach may not work for everyone, and if you’re more prone to taking larger risks, we may not be the wealth manager you need. But for the patient investor, smart and conservative investments in the stock market can be an excellent vehicle for accumulating wealth over time, as well as an excellent addition to any diversified portfolio.

Our Investment Strategy

Protect Your Family, Your Business, and Your Legacy

For many of our clients, wealth preservation is less about hanging onto their money and more about ensuring they leave enough behind for those they love. That’s why we also provide advisement on life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. These kinds of plans can be the safety net to ensure that your wealth is truly preserved for the future, and that your family, your business, and your legacy are protected.

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