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A Team-Centered, Client-Focused Approach

A Team-Centered, Client-Focused Approach

At Bull & Bear Wealth Management, your goals are our goals, and our team is your team. We believe in taking a team-centered approach to supporting our clients on their financial journeys. Each of our team members possess unique skills and experience that can help you reach your objectives, and so we put our whole team behind each and every one of our clients.

We always begin our day with a team meeting, where we discuss our clients’ current needs and how we can help them. This approach puts everyone’s insight and knowledge to work for you, and ensures that all of our advisors have the support they need to provide exceptional service for our clients.

What Makes Us Different?

Together, our team has over 45 years of experience in the financial industry. We’ve handled accounts of all sizes and assets of all types. We’ve run businesses and traded stocks on Wall Street. Wherever you’re at in your financial journey, we’ve been there, and our team can help you to navigate your finances and make a plan for a more secure future.

You can learn more about our team members and their experience below.

Ted Horowitz, CFP®, MIM

623 267-3691

Ted first developed an interest in finances as a teenager, with a particular interest in stocks and investing. When he was 22, his father took him on a trip to New York City, where they visited the New York Stock Exchange. From the...

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Ben Belanger

623 267-3692

Ben’s interest in the financial industry began in his mid-twenties, when he began trading in the stock market. Though he’d received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Grand Canyon University already, Ben...

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Helen Siu Cong

Operation Manager


Helen was born in Hong Kong and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She received a BS in Business Management in 2005 and a Master in Management in 2013 from the University of Phoenix. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, reading, working out,...
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